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Project Summary

SpriteLib is a collection of static and animated graphic objects (also commonly known as sprites) that I created between 1992 and 2002 for my own game projects. Seeing how it could benefit others, I decided to offer it to hobbyist game developers to use in their creations free of charge. Because of SpriteLib, game developers no longer have to waste precious time or money creating graphics from scratch when they can use mine in their game demos and prototypes. Over the years, SpriteLib has been used in hundreds of hobbyist games, including some popular ones like HappyLand Adventures and Pacific Wings.

The SpriteLib Fish Dish example
Image of my "Fish Dish" game using various elements from SpriteLib

NOTE: SpriteLib is officially under the terms of the Common Public License. It is free for any use (eg. shareware or commercial applications, including iOS and Android games). If you have any special questions or concerns using it for your projects or distributing it with books, training materials, or other software please send me a note. Otherwise, just go ahead and use it!

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