My Other Projects

Everything was made with ♥️ in NYC

Over the years, I have pursued various interests across game development, UX (User Experience), artwork / animation, and writing. The results of these efforts are captured here for you to learn about and possibly even use.

Web UI Design Primer Icon
Web UI Design Primer

This free, downloadable primer will help you understand the most important aspects of website usability and user experience.

SpriteLib Icon

This free collection of pre-drawn, pre-animated images have been used by hundreds of thousands of hobbyist game developers in their own games.

WidgetLib Icon

This free, comprehensive collection of pre-defined UI widgets can be used in interactive prototypes created with Axure 6.0 and above.

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Designing Arcade Computer Game Graphics

Learn about and download my old book (ISBN: 1-55622-755-8), which could be a useful reference for those interested in creating pixel artwork.