Tom Smykowski: The Patron Saint of Product Managers
Hello, my name is Ari and this is my personal website. I work at Google as a Product Manager for teams that build mission-critical solutions for the company. Before that, I spent several years designing and commercializing various online advertising products. And, before Google, I worked on a bunch of projects scattered across various industry domains.

In addition to my product work, I'm a skilled pixel-artist who has designed the artwork for a number of shareware games and commercial entertainment packages for both desktop and mobile devices. However, I'm probably best known for SpriteLib, a free collection of pre-drawn 2D artwork that has been featured in a number of programming game books.

Speaking of computer books, I actually wrote one on game artwork design in 2001 and a second one on website interface design that was never published...so much for achieving fame and fortune...

Outside of work, my interests include spending time with my family, studying history, following international strategic developments, indulging in retro computing, listening to somewhat eclectic music, and browsing The Daily Mail to keep up with the latest celebrity gossip.