Project Summary

WidgetLib is a library of common UI components and patterns designed to facilitate rapid prototype development for users of Axure RP 6.0 and later. Featuring over 70 widgets (53 of them are fully dynamic), WidgetLib will save you significant time and effort on your own prototyping projects. Need form validation? WidgetLib has it. Need a carousel effect? WidgetLib has it. Need dialogs and menus? WidgetLib has them. Need voting, polls, maps and CAPTCHAs? WidgetLib has those and more.

A WidgetLib example
Image of the various widgets available in the collection


NOTE: WidgetLib is compatible with Axure 7 and 8. It has been released under the GNU General Public License v3.


First, unzip the archive. Next, place the the WidgetLib_v1.rplib file in your “My Documents\My Axure RP Libraries\” folder (Windows) or in your “Documents/Axure/Libraries” folder (Mac).