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Be sure to check out my newest macOS app, Disk-O, which lets you monitor your Mac's disk space. Get it here.
Also be sure to take a look at my Web UI Primer and my old book (ISBN: 1-55622-755-8), Designing Arcade Computer Game Graphics.

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Ari Feldman

Product Manager Extraordinaire

I am a Group Product Manager at Google who has led product teams that have developed compliance and contract management software for the company and various solutions for major online advertisers and publishers. Over my career, I have worked on many interesting projects that have ranged from social networking applications to casual computer games and quite a few things in-between.

My interests include spending time with my family, retro computing, listening to alternative 80s/90s music, watching dystopian science fiction (which I consider to be historical documentaries), and perusing sites like The Daily Mail for the latest "quality" news.

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