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Everything is made with ❤ in NYC

Disk-O (v2.06) lets you monitor your Mac's disk space. Get it here.
Menupedia (v2.01) is a simple Wikipedia browser than runs in your menu bar. Get it here.
Dusk (v1.12) is a macOS Dark mode toggle app. Get it here.
Stim (v1.02) is a simple tool to keep your Mac from sleeping. Get it here.
Web Wallpaper (v1.69) turns virtually any webpage or HTML5 demo into Desktop wallpaper. Get it here
Jiggly (v1.01) can periodically move your mouse to keep your Mac awake. Get it here.
Menu Snappr II (v1.18) is a lightweight macOS screen capture utility. Get it here.
iCloud Kicker (v1.01) is a tool to force iCloud to sync files when it gets stuck. Get it here.
WidgetLib is a free library of UI components designed to facilitate rapid prototyping for users of Axure RP 6.0 and later.
Be sure to take a look at my Web UI Primer and my old book (ISBN: 1-55622-755-8), Designing Arcade Computer Game Graphics.

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Ari Feldman

Product Manager

I am a Group Product Manager at Google (12 years and counting) who has led product teams that developed systems to process requests from global law enforcement agencies and FISA (Section 702) matters, designed custom case management and contract management software, and launched various solutions for digital advertisers and publishers. Before that, I worked at a few startups across the SMB, social media, and Ad Tech spaces. Back in 2000, I also helped create a series of popular Windows games for ZapSpot (search for them on YouTube) and contributed to several others like "HappyLand Adventures" via my SpriteLib library.

My interests include spending time with my family, retro computing, teaching/coaching aspiring Product Managers, watching dystopian science fiction movies, curating my 2400-song Spotify playlist, and writing simple (and often, irreverent) Mac apps.

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